My approach to trauma informed healing is centered around empowering clients to understand that their health is under their control. I ask students to look deeper into the causes of their suffering, teaching that in order to heal, we have to feel. We have to honor all that we have been through and take the power back. I reiterate the interconnectedness of the body, and the fact that we have to look at the story of our whole system in order to recover.

Unresolved trauma is something every human deals with. The goal of trauma-informed yoga is to help build resiliency, regulation and self-esteem in a safe container with an experienced guide. I use the principles of trauma-informed practices in each of my classes, workshops and private sessions to allow more safety, stability and a more concrete framework for healing. 

I currently serve as the lead teacher + curriculum developer for University of Washington's Yoga for Healing Program. This is a free six week program offered every quarter for students in recovery from trauma.