The breath is your biggest healing superpower. It is with you every moment of your life.

Every time we experience traumas, they imprint on our muscles and our nervous system. Our life experiences can limit the flow of energy that we have access to. We try and forget about these experiences and emotions by pushing them underground and disassociating from them. This might work for a while, but eventually our bodies show disorders, discomfort and dis-ease. No matter how much we want to ignore these nodes of trauma, they are there, doing a number on our well-being.

Breathwork motivates this trapped energy to move out of you. Together, I will guide you in using your breath as a vehicle for working through and releasing stuck emotions that are blocking you from reaching your full expression of self. Pushing up against these emotions with the breath can be challenging, and that is why it is important engage in this work in a safe space with an experienced guide. In Breathwork Sessions, you will be using your breath to move energy.

Reiki is universal energy, and as a Reiki practitioner I will be a channel for you to access this energy, helping restore health and wellness. Through gentle hands-on touch, I am able to assist you in balancing disharmony, regenerating your system and helping to get to the root of blockages that are keeping you from feeling your best. In Reiki Sessions, you will have the opportunity to access and integrate this universal energy.

If you are ready to regulate your emotions, become less reactive, reset your system (mind, body and soul), oh, and finally learn to RELAX, then breathwork and reiki are for you.

Private Sessions:

An ideal offering for anyone wanting to go deep and have a total mind/heart reset in a safe, intimate setting. Each session is tailored just for you, and can be focused on breathwork, reiki or a combination of the two. I will ask a few questions to create an experience that will allow you to go inside and release tension, emotions, anxiety and stress.

The goal is to free up space for you to feel lighter, more creative, balanced and emotionally regulated. I use different custom essential oil blends, sacred sweetgrass, sage and palo santo to help you access a deep state of meditation. These sessions are the ultimate support for refocusing and resetting your whole system.

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“I have had several sessions with Josephine. Each time she is able to hold a deeply nourishing space and guide me gently and confidently through the experience. She is a true healer: present, compassionate, graceful and wise. Her work is deeply transformative, individualized and heart-centered, and it allows me to continuously evolve every time we connect.”
“I left our session feeling at once grounded and light as air. Our work together clearly opened up meridians within my body and mind that had been constricted for sometime, and the energetic and mental effects lasted longer than I had anticipated. I never would have believed that harnessing one’s breath like that could be so profound! The new awareness I have of my body and how much energy I give and receive is at the forefront of my mind and daily practice. Thank you!”
“Doing breathwork with Jo was even more powerful than I imagined. I left feeling deeply relaxed and more connected to myself than I’d been in a long time. I will definitely be going back!”
“What sticks with me most from our session together was my experience of witnessing a part of myself that had been missing rejoining my body.”